Saturday, May 24, 2008

Continued Chaos

What is the worst part of moving?
The half filled boxes all over the house? Waiting for missing parts to be found before taping it up
The curtains off the walls - revealing the broken blinds, holes that need patched, or all the painting that still needs to be done?
Is it the packed boxes that are too heavy to move - so sit until a strong man comes home to move them elsewhere?
Or is it the garage that slowly fills up, leaving no room for the car, or the toys that are still being played with?
It could even be the really weird meals we eat as we try to use up what is in the freezer! I think overall it is the general chaos! Nothing is clean, everything is out of place, so much to be done, and you know that if you don't finish something before nap time is over than you will have kids pulling out of the boxes what it took the whole naptime to put in the boxes!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Now where?

A boy and his dog... I was trying to capture the moment. Kaid had his arm around Roxy, his flash light in his pocket, the ever important froggy rainboots, and a look of pure contentment/adventure waiting to happen on his face. I hope you all can see the little details in the picture that I saw in real life!