Friday, October 28, 2011

Emotions are running high, we are saying our final goodbyes to each other, trying to help the kids understand that Craig will be gone for 6 months and exactly how long that is... Quinn gets all teary eyed and gives Criag a big hug, then leans back and says in total astonishment, 'I won't be able to play on your phone for six months!' Totally broke the tension!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Craig was taking Lexsie on her special date the other day... which was to my all time favorite place (can you hear the sarcasm) Chuck-E-Cheese. Anyway, it was their date so what do I care, except for the fact that after they got in the car Lexsie started chanting, 'Daddy says, yes. Mommy says, no. Daddy says yes. Mommy says, no.' And from what I hear she didn't stop for the entire ride! Oh to have that piece of wisdom already under her belt...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

One of the cute things Lexsie does is look at the clouds and claim, 'the clouds are holding hands!' I love the sweet innocence!

Catch of the Day!

Today we went fishing and by fishing I mean I sat in a chair reading my book and observing as Craig ran from child to child re-hooking worms... But the biggest catch of the day was by Anna who caught this big one! The best thing is that she had given up on catching anything and was using her fishing pole to draw pictures in the water, when a fish jumped onto her hook. Of course Quinn kept shoving his pole at Craig and demanding, 'teach me how to catch a fish!' he was wanting to be taught the magic secret. Kaid was by far the most patient- but still no success. Lex did her part and made sure her pole landed in the water so we had grandpa perform a water rescue. Bekah was the most entertaining and taught the little ones how to play red light green light. Good day!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quinn. Just a little note about the boy. I was looking at his pictures and wondering why he looks a little MR in them (you know Mentally retarded)... then at school a few days ago he was standing in the middle of the sidewalk as class got out sticking his hand out to all the big kids saying, 'give me 5 - man.' but in a way that he came across as MR. Personally, I was laughing my butt off but only because it's Quinn. He can get away with this stuff that other kids would never dream of doing and the fact that he may possibly border on genius adds to the humor. Proof is in the outfit. He insisted on buttoning his church shirt this way AND wearing the shorts backward. Quinn, I wish I could capture your little personality and put it in a bottle. You are a force!