Sunday, June 28, 2009

oh yeah - we're famous

Check us out in the big time newspaper! (Alright little jackson township news...)

My To-Do list is just getting way out of control again! Blogging being on the list. Too bad kids take up so much time... ya know they want to eat, play, and I try to put them in clean clothes daily so they can go right out and sit in a mud puddle. Oh yeah and Craig says that on occassion he has to look like a doctor and wear clothes that are clean and ironed. Seriously? This laundry (my 21-25 loads a week) is getting in the way of my napping, eating, lounging, sitting by the pool, watching the bacholorette time. What ever!
(Bekah took this picture at Grandma Opal's - I think I like the way she thinks!)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

12 Hours

I can't believe it but we finally made it to Cedar Point! When we got there it was down pouring - we seriously considered going to an indoor water park instead, but all the kids said they would be tough so we hit the park! What a day. After the downpour (lasted the first 15 minutes we were there) it was beautiful but the crowd was gone. We only waited in 1 line (stupid on our part) we were running from ride to ride as fast as we could and hopping right on! Craig and Bekah hit some of the scariest roller coasters in the country. Bekah and I hit most of the not as scary roller coasters in the country and Anna hit every spinning - make you puke - ride she found. I can't believe all 5 kids lasted the full 12 hours! I can't believe Craig and I lasted the full 12 hours! We got there at 10:08 am and we stayed until the firework show that night at 10:00 pm. Even Lexsie did it with only a 20 minute power nap (which bodes well for naps today - great since I'm trying to pack for our trip). It was a fantastic 'pre-vacation' vacation!
3 for the Price of 1 on these rides
Big Man in a Little Truck!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I love how fascinated the boys where with this frog Craig found... poor frog. Yes, you can laugh at me when you hear my panic at the thought of Quinn actually stepping on the frog.

Bekah said she had a 'growth spurt!'

They might put all those plastic surgeons out of business with these balloons!


If you know me you know I love flowers! Some think it a waste to buy flowers for a vase because they will just die or to plant them all around the house. Not I! I just love their cheery, happy presence! But Quinn got a hold of these and very carefully and proudly (he came, got me, smiling really big, and showed me) pulled off most of the heads of this once bushy and full pot of daisy's to give to me. Not what I had in mind - but so stinkin' sweet!

Family Fun Day

Each week the kids earn a family fun day by doing their chores. (Good motivation cause money doesn't work - and it makes me focus on something besides the mundane cleaning and have to do's of life). Last week Kaid got to pick and chose the 'big zoo' (Cleveland Zoo). The dinosaurs where the biggest hit!

Of course my oldest and most capable child (there that day) chose to spend most of the day in the stroller because she was just too tired to walk!

Still in the stroller

Monday, June 1, 2009

School Bus Memories

The bus driver screeching to a halt half way through the stop sign (did she have a license?)

In fact all 14 bus drivers (it took a while to find one who stuck).

Bekah, Johnny, Emily, Anna, and Kaylee

Pogo Sticks


Smorgas-borg (Mrs. Julie would bring down bacon, croissants, cut ups apples, bananas, oranges - my kids quit eating at home because they liked what she brought down in the car better!)

8:15 Prayers, Prayers, prayers - Hurry Prayers (hmmm inviting the spirit?)

8:16 or 8:27 or 8:32 or 8:22 bus arrival

Newspaper delivery Man

Lawn mowing crew (they did wise up and started going somewhere else at that time)

Old People stopping to say hi (and thanking us for our contribution to the bus stop crew - it was a little measly before the Randall's moved in)

We were the only family that on more than one occasion, had to run for the bus (and he waited - thank you!)

The fact that we could leave 15 minutes later and still get there before the bus if we drove - but neither kid was willing to give up the ride.

Alex - I have no idea who the kid is, but he is famous at our house.

Anna and Bekah will never ride the same bus or attend the same school again. It was good while it lasted...