Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tag Your It

We were eating the other night in a restaurant, minding our own business. As a new customer walked in he asked the waitress (who happened to be standing near our table) if 'she was it.' Meaning the only one working. She said, 'yep, I'm it.' So Quinn, without a moments hesitation reaches out, tags her, and says, 'tag your it!' Of course she offered to take him home with her!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Well... I suppose I should tell the world where we are going. 2 weeks ago it was unofficially San Antonio, TX. (Which I was happy about). Then we got official orders and it was Las Vegas, NV. (Which brought me to tears I was sosooooooo excited!) Yesterday, I got new official orders and it's back to Texas. (which I'm still happy about?) Sooooo. Texas it is. Don't ask me when, or how, cause I got nothing for that. Craig and I talked about making a trip to find a house... then we looked at the schedule. Craig's next day off is May 27th, which is memorial day weekend and we have some special plans with the kids we aren't willing to back out of. So after that it is June 30... And Craig has to report mid-July... So I'm thinking we may have to take my grandfathers advice (who is 94 and grew up in a different era) to just head down there and live in your car, then you can start knocking on doors till someone knows of someone who has a place you can stay.


As I was having a week (last week) where I was literally falling apart. I mean I was eating worms, nobody liked me, everybody hated me, (Craig was scared to come home to me!) lol... I would peruse the blogs of fellow mothers and think, 'wow! I am such a looser, I just need to get my act together! This person is redoing her entire bathroom, this person always has perfect hair in her pictures, that person never looses her temper with her kids and always does such fun things with them, another person always has a positive spin on her circumstances, I'm sure none of them ever have financial stress....' and on and on went my comparing of myself to the Internet women. Then my visiting teacher called and made a totally random comment about how she 'needed to get it together, that everyone was more pulled together than she.' And it snapped me out of it! WE all got problems, we all have things we struggle with. We all need a boost now and again, and despite appearances we all need to 'pull it together!' And, by the way, this sweet lady is a wonderful mother and always cheerful when I see her, and has made a HUGE impression on Anna as she teachers her at church.

Friday, April 22, 2011

What Fun!

Over spring break we had finally collected enough Book-It's to hit pizza hut and every kid would get a free personal pan pizza. When we arrived we found out it was kids night and all kids got to eat free a pizza they had made themselves!


Every night I sing a song to the kids at bedtime. Tonight Kaid requested, 'that Edward song.' My mind was racing to Edward Scissor hands, Edward the Vampire, Grandpa Ed, but nowhere, nohow could I think of a song that I might know of that had the word 'edward' in it. So I asked him to sing a little of it for me. I got, 'Edward, ever edward...' The song would be Called to Serve and the words are 'Onward, ever onward, as we glory in his name...'