Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Quinn story

After Quinn's fifth birthday in January he came home from school and announced that he was done with preschool and ready for kindergarten. While we all know this is true, he has mastered everything that is to be mastered in preschool (as well as kindergarten and much of 1st grade) the school year wasn't over. Tho he truely doesn't understand why he cant move on when he has learned what is to be learned. So I tried to explain to him that he had to finish preschool until may. He was not happy with this turn of events and so started getting a little onry. He had several bad days at school (it didn't help that his allergies were causing him to have constant breathing and steroid treatments). As a result the teacher had to reprimand him several times. During this process Quinn would ask 'why.'. Quinn is very inquisitive and I'm sure he truly wanted to know why - he wasn't being obstinate. But as we talked about what he did, what he did wrong, how he could do it next time better, etc. I asked him, 'what did you learn from all of this?' and he looked me straight in the eye, shrugged his shoulders and said very seriously, 'don't ask 'why' at school!'. Quinn has a brilliant mind and it is so much fun to see how it works and thinks. For these reasons and others I'm homeschooling him next year. I'm pretty sure if we sent him to school we would end up with one of the most notorious and brilliant criminals in the history of the world because if he has to 'practice his letters and sounds one more time' he will be driven to a life of engenious mischievousness.