Saturday, January 30, 2010

3 Years Ago

3 years ago I was going to the hospital to be induced with Quinn. Craig was getting ready to deploy. The girls were super excited because they only got to have sleep overs if a mom was having a baby and this was one of those times. A sleepover with their best friends - ever! About this time I started my blog and it has proven to be quite a journal. Quinn was my first experience with an epidural. It was so fun to actually see him born - as opposed to having my eyes shut to deal with the pain. I was worried because he was such a funny color, but was reassured that he was healthy and I laughed because I finally found out what they look like when they come out. Quinn came home to a busy family and was such a big and easy-going, laughing boy. And 3 years later - he still is. He laughs, he smiles, he hugs, he comforts, he worries when someones feelings are hurt and gets so excited when he sees a friend. He is so tender hearted yet can hit you like a line backer (my least favorite game to play - since I am usually ambushed) 3 years ago seem like an eternity and in only 3 more he'll be in school! Wow! I love me Quinner - Happy Birthday!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Kaid - Mom I think I have an ear infection.

Me - Why

Kaid - It hurts. It feels all red inside

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Keeping 'em caged up

In case you were wondering how I spend my Sunday afternoons - I totally ignore them until they start acting really bad and then I take pictures.

This video cracks me up because 1) Anna does look like she is dying 2) she is definitely not dying 3) in fact she was mostly laughing and 4) at the end when you see the baby happily playing on the floor in the middle of the chaos you know this is a happy (noisy) home (mostly)!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Potty Training Hurdle

Not that I'm actually trying to potty-train Lexsie (and yes mom, I am missing out on a window of opportunity...) but before I can begin I have to figure out a way to convince Lex that she can not go to the bathroom standing up - she is not a boy - and as such, is not equipped the way her brothers are! Any suggestions?

You might be thinking what on earth is Trish doing carrying the baby and the backpack? Yes, I was abandoned with the baby and backpack but as I was clearing old pictures tonight I was struck with what a flattering picture this was. The backpack covers the belly-gut, the baby covers the butt-gut (is there such a thing) and over all it hides my most worrisome flaws... so next time my agency wants to take my photo I'll have to tell them to wait until I can dig out my props! Any others out there want to borrow my backpack and baby pack?

Sunday, January 17, 2010


OK - so as posted before I have my years food supply of Mt. Dew, but another secret is I have a years worth of toilet paper... The thought of not having toilet paper just sends me into a frenzy of panic! Ok, beans, rice, flour, sugar that's like blah, blah, blah in my ear. But Mt. Dew and Toilet Paper - oh that's another story. So you can understand when I see this (and I have seen it far too much lately - thank you Quinn) my heart starts racing and I feel myself start to loose my cool. I have to remind myself, it's something you flush down the toilet it's just not that important - but oh how I would hate to be stuck with out it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No doubt about it...

As life goes on I am continually thinking of ways I need to change, to improve, to be better - blah blah blah. On top of that list is always stop drinking Mt. Dew, drink less Mt. Dew or something along those lines. Then life enters - I'm stressed, I'm hungry (no breakfast again) and I deal by drinking more Mt. Dew. Well, almost as an afterthought during my personal prayers yesterday I included, "please help me consume less Mt. Dew today." Boy, oh boy does Heavenly Father know how to answer prayers. He knows my life, my weakness, and my lack of commitment/determination to change this particular thing. First stop of the day. No syrup, just carbonated soda water. YUK! I leave the gas station empty handed. Second stop of the day. Successful. Consumed 32 oz.... Third stop. 32 oz to take home for the afternoon slump. Set the cup on top of the car (to unload kids) just as I realized my car was wet (and slippery) boom. Mt. Dew all over the garage floor. Sticky - Yes, Able to consume - No. Answered prayer - without a doubt.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dinner Tonight

I warned the kids that they were going to have to sit at the table until they finished their plates tonight. I made sure there was no snacking all afternoon. Honestly, I am so tired of hearing that they don't like anything and they seem to have an uncanny ability to go days with out food so tonight I took a stand. Of course their plates had 1/4 tsp of stuffing, 1/2 tsp of potatoes with gravy, and an extremely small sliver of turkey.

At first there was peace and love that emanated all through our home... until they realized I was really going to make them sit there until they ate! Then I heard

'Why do I have to be tortured like this!'

'Your ruining my life!'

'Why do I have to eat this horrid food?'

'Why do you have to make my life so difficult?'

'Your torturing me worst than grandma!'

and of course the ol' 'your the meanest mom in the world!'

Of course while these lovely sentiments were being shared with me I ran to the computer to write the more memorable ones down!