Monday, November 22, 2010

At school Anna's teacher had each child write a letter to Anna for her birthday telling why she is special. Some of these are not only surprising, but some are repeated in a variety of ways, and then there are the ones that make me very proud!
It's like we're celebrating a big party for you because we are celebrating Thanksgiving too!

You're very good at school subjects.

Anna is nice to everybody. (repeated in some form over and over)

Anna is a great colorer.

Anna is a good spelling person.

Anna is a good dog drawer.

Anna is special at coloring her hair .(not sure what this one means)

She brings a lot of stuff to class. (hmmmm what's getting to school that I don't know about?)

Anna tells the truth. (a proud moment!)

Anna is a special person because she is funny. (I didn't think anyone else got to see this side of her)

She is good in school.

Can you go to my house on vacation? (who is this? LOL)

You are always nice.

You are very quiet.

You always tell the truth.

Your only loud at recess. (It is a rule.)

You always have fun.

You have a lot of friends.

All your friends are girls. (My personal favorite - this guy nailed it on the head. Is he jealous?)

Anna helps other people.

She lets people borrow her stuff.

She draws good all the time.

Anna is smart.

Anna is funny.

She is so sweet.

She helps everyone.

She can make you smile. (true, so true!)

Happy 8th Birthday - Little One.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yes, I am depressed...

Because when I leave the room to do something like put in a load of laundry I come back to this!
Yes, that is pumpkin bread scattered all over the floor.
Yes, those are magazines shredded into teeny, tiny, little pieces.
Yes, 2 water bottles where emptied all over the floor gleefully.
Yes, clothes where removed.
Yes, puzzles where dismantled and pieces hidden for later discovery.
Yes, the TV is on.
Yes, Halloween Candy wrappers where discovered.
AND Yes, I was only gone downstairs for a moment.
Yes, kids where hiding when I entered the room and gasped.
My gasp was followed by Lexsie pointing to Quinn and saying, 'win did it!'
at the same time Quinn points to Lexsie saying, 'Lexsie did it - I saw her.'
followed by Kaid saying, 'I don't know who did it, I was watching TV.'

And Yes, that is the vacuum in the corner which I had just used and hadn't put away yet so yes, there is proof that I didn't leave the room looking this way - and NO the picture doesn't do the room justice! And Yes, I have no doubt it was my cute, sweet, little mischief duo -