Thursday, February 22, 2007

These are Quinns 10 day old pictures. I thought everyone would enjoy seeing more of him!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Kaid got his haircut. He was so excited when we walked into the Barber Shop full of waiting military personal he shouted, "My Turn!" and then danced up to the chair. He then scowled the entire time his hair was being cut, but when he was done he jumped out of the chair and ran/jumped with arms out stretched for a hug, across the room. Then he told me, "your turn mommy." The whole places was laughing as they watched the entire 20 minutes of entertainment.

Friday, February 16, 2007

A mothers dilema

One day Anna, without her usual complaints went and got dressed for school. When she asked if she could do her own hair I said yes with out much thought. Well, this is the result... She was so proud of herself. Now, do I actually let her go to school with this hair she is so proud of or do I make her change it. The compromise was to take pictures of it and then let me comb it a little more before school.

Quinn 1 day old

Ready to come home from the hospital...if only we could get discharged...
Proud Parents of
Quinn Michael
9 pounds even
20 inches long
huge hands

The kids are helping Craig pack for the BIG trip

As Craig was pulling out all of his gear he needed to take to the desert the kids got a hold of his hats and had a good time show-and-telling them!

First Sight of Quinn in the hospital

Baby Quinn is born... oh he must be tough with 3 big siblings! Anna just sits aroung waiting until she gets to hold him! Kaid is always trying to play ball with him (Yes, throw balls at him.) And Bekah is always ready with a knuckle sucker when I need another minute before I can sit down and feed him.