Thursday, January 20, 2011

He Stikes Again

This boy of mine... he IS supervised! But, he decided to help me get the house on the market with his own fresh coat of paint. So after quickly assessing the situation I decided my most prominent need were the cherry hardwood floors. They would be the hardest and most expensive to replace, then all the wood work up and down the hall and bedroom, and lastly the floors - we were going to replace the carpet (probably) anyway. Now it is a definite. Why oh why can't he be like other normal little boys and write on the wall with crayon?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

As I have been working with the Young Women (12-18 year old girls at our church) lately, I have come to the knowledge that eye rolling is a teenagers socially acceptable way of telling their parents that they love them too. I have just realized that my entire purpose of serving in the young women's was to prepare me for my own children who will soon be telling me they love me with an eye-roll. Now, all you nervous nellies out there worried about how to handle your teenager... I have just shared with you my profound insight! Go and roll your eyes...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Picking Sides

The other day my neighbor called and was chit chatting with me. I didn't think too much of the conversation until I was relating it to Craig later that night. The conversation went about like this:
Neighbor: How are things going? We haven't seen Craig's truck around much.
Me: No, he's been out of town, he had to go to Chicago...
Neighbor: Oh, well, how long will he be gone for, when will he get to come home?
Me: Oh, he's home now.
Neighbor: Oh, I guess we just haven't seen his truck around.
Me: Oh, well yeah he was gone for a week, oh yeah and the night before he left he had to buy a new truck.

As I related the conversation I realized what she was really getting at... "who is the strange man coming over - he comes in late at night and leaves early in the morning..." So if the neighbors had to pick sides, I have no doubt they would choose Craig. He is pretty awesome. But rest assured I am only picking Craig - and we had a really good chuckle.

And by the way, we had to say good bye to the 'king of the jungl'e - it got us through med school, deployment, 4 moves, most of a residency, and 160,000 miles of commuting! But, we both have to say, 'ooo lala!' This new truck is a beauty