Monday, January 30, 2012

Questioning my parenting... Yet again

Picked Quinn up from school and the teacher commented that he was having A very hard day. Very uncharacteristic of the boy. Of course I stepped into immediate action and suggested a little one on one date to the gas station. How could he refuse such an offer? He negotiated for a trip to the movies or bowling but alas the gas station won out (I was running on fumes). I was asking him about his day (which he told me to stop badgering him about) and offered up a treat as a bonding moment. Back in the car I asked him if I could have a bite of his churro (it looked really good!) He says, "hmmmm, let me think about that." his thinking took place outside of his head. He continued, "your my mooooom.... But you don't let me do everything I waaaaaant..... So No! You can't have a bite! Kapeesh?". This boy!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dinner Conversation...

By the way, love the classic novels Target is currently selling in the $1 section! They are just right for very young readers who are getting the gist of all the classics... OK in all honesty, it's the first time I've ever read these books myself. But I'm trying to step it up as a parent.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Follow Through...

So being the totally committed, and consistent parent I am... OK whatever! Quinn was melting down tonight. Honestly, I can't even remember why, but I sent him to bed early (like 10 whole minutes earlier than all the other kids) but to him it might as well have been HOURS! Anyway, he kept getting out of bed and trying to sneak down to catch the last 10 of the cartoon everyone else was watching and I kept stopping him and putting him back in bed. Well, the last time he was trying to sneak past - I mean on tip toes, with his hands up like little paws - I put my hand out to stop him, but without looking at him, and I could just feel the decision making in the air... you know him trying to decide if he could get on past me or if he should give up and go back to bed. To my surprise the spontaneous decision was made to throw his blanket over my head and run like hell! I'm sorry but that evasive maneuver stopped me in my parenting tracks. I was taken down by laughter.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Santa's mean streak

Well as I posted in an earlier entry, Santa told Anna he would just bring her boys underwear if she didn't tell him what she wanted. Guess what Anna got! BOYS UNDERWEAR! At the time she was trying to play it down. Now she can totally laugh about it! I mean she is 9 - it's not too young for Santa to start having a little fun with the Christmas deliveries. And by the way, santa left her plenty of great gifts behind the tree.

'I'm not a very good parent!'

This adorable little boy pulls me aside as we were walking down the street and says, 'mom, your not a very good parent.' Of course I laugh (as any awesome parent would do), but I also inquire as to why this not so subtle put down... he says, 'well, you told us to go (we were crossing a busy downtown street) when the sign clearly said (and he adamantly puts his arm out in the stop position) stop.'

Monday, January 2, 2012

For Craig

Despite my best efforts to get Craig on Skype before I let the kids in... we were having connection problems and he missed the initial excitement, so this is for Craig.

The BIG Day...

Since we had church at 8:30 am we decided we wouldn't let the kids come down stairs until after we went to church. You would have thought this was major torture, and in a way it was, but all the kids slept until 7:45 and then I told them the last one to the car was going to be the last one to open presents - so it worked out fabulously well! Went to church and enjoyed a beautiful Christmas program before returning home.
Since I was in a torturing mood, why on earth didn't I make them all sit nicely for a picture in their pretty church clothes?
This may be my favorite Christmas photo! When we got home I wouldn't let anybody back in the house until I was able to connect on skype with Craig. This truly was a sad and pathetic scene. Craig was able to see all the excitement on his web cam, which I know doesn't compare to being there in person... but we are grateful for skype!


We tracked the path Santa took across the globe on our big map and left him a 'delicious yet healthy snack' of water, cocoa, and of course the yummy gingerbread cookies.
And of course we made magic reindeer food and walked outside comfortably in our bare feet and no coats to sprinkle it on the grass. (I'm loving the San Antonio winter!)


Gingerbread men - lets just say the process was much better than the outcome! We had fun!

Sunday, January 1, 2012