Thursday, April 5, 2012

Brown noser...

Well if kaid has learned nothing else being home-schooled he has learned when he is in trouble to quickly say, 'I'm sorry, mother. You really are looking skinnier!'

Sunday, April 1, 2012

LIttle Trip to Houston

Anna's Soy Sauce

Anna drinks this nasty stuff! I always teased Anna that if I ever found Soy Sauce by the gallon I was gonna get it for her... well Kaid spotted this little gem. We had to have it! And this will probably only last a month.

Kaid is the hit of the morning playground

Most mornings after I drop Anna and Quinn off at school a few moms and their kids stay to play for a bit on the playground. How those little ones look up to Kaid! He is so kind and shows them the bugs, and tricks on the equipment. They come running up to Kaid and give him hugs and consider him a best friend. Kaid doesn't mind the attention either! I can just imagine what a great father Kaid is going to be someday!

Lexsie and her Boyfriend

Yes, Lexsie has a boyfriend and his name is Pierce. Pierce lives just one house away and they really have a lot of fun together! They are very, very sweet with each other and it brings many smiles to mine and Pierces mom's face.

Unfortunately, the fun usually looks something like...

Peirces' mom and I have gotten to the point where we will realize its quiet, jump up and scream 'wait have you seen them in the last 5 minutes?' and then we run around frantically hoping that they are not doing anything too naughty and that their clothes are on. Then we laugh and make some comment about not living next door to each other when they are teenagers.

I'm Amazed

This is what Lexsie has learned while hanging out during Kaid's homeschooling. And she is only 3!