Friday, September 26, 2008


At 8 they're baptized, at 10 they get their ears peirced, at 12 they get to wear make-up... at 14 that they get to bring home half their paycheck to share with us. I'm glad we're only half way there!

Happy Birthday Bekah

You are a wonderful girl! You are so kind to your brothers and sisters and are always ready to help mom out. You help Anna with her homework or read her a book, you pick up the baby when she is crying, you play trains with Kaid and get Quinn breakfast! You are so smart and with each passing day you are turning into a more beautiful young woman. You are never afraid to try something new or be slightly uncomfortable to make someone else feel more comfortable. I am so proud of all that you are and all that you are becoming! I love you Bekah!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Have the MOST Wonderful Kids in the World!

Hurricane Ike

Well as everyone knows there was a hurricane down south, but how did it end up in my house? The other day as we sat comfortably in our house I noticed it was a little windier than normal, but that was as far as the thought went until the next day when school was cancled (they had no power for 3 days) and I started talking to the neighbors. I realized we had a pretty bad wind storm and power was out all over town. Just on the other side of our street the power was off all week, (I just thought all the neighbors left for the weekend and forgot to leave a light on) trees were down everywhere, and a lot of damage had been done. Then I started to wonder if the hurricane effect hit everybody else in the yard - why did it look like the hurricane effect hit our living room, kitchen, and bathroom? Seriously I took a moment to thank Heavenly Father for all that didn't happen at our house. We had just some leaves and a few twigs to clean up!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why I Love My Husband

He spent his first week we lived in our new house building the coolest tree house any kid could imagine. Of course I'm a little scared because there are plans for additions.

He is always willing to put the kids to bed.

He works hard for a living. And never complains!

He manages to balance a very hard work schedule with his home schedule - always making us feel most important.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bon-Bon's and Soaps

Craig gets home from work and asks how my day was and what I did. I typically joke about eating bon-bon's and watching soaps all day because I can't really pinpoint what I did all day. Their is no pay check to verify my job, their is typically no evidence that I cleaned the bathroom because a 4 year old went in and used it right before Craig walked in the door, you can't see that I spent an hour mopping the floor because the dog decided to lay in a mud puddle and the kids invited him in for snacks, the dishes were done, but now the sink is full again. Their is evidence of the laundry I washed because it is still sitting on the bed waiting to be folded. But today was a typical bon-bon and soap day when I noticed some 'goo' on the wall (I'm not sure what it was or how long it had been there - I had to work pretty hard to get it off so it must have been there awhile.) While scrubbing away my cute and darling little 1 1/2 year found a way to occupy himself...
Now off to clean up cookie dough!