Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Craig: I was asked to be chief resident.
My response: whoopdy-doo. Don't you already do the chief work... did they have any other choices? Your the only 4th year...

Craig: Uhhh. Chief of the whole consortium.

Me: Wow! Congratulations! How many people are you over? Is there a pay raise? How much extra work does that entail? How did they choose you?

Craig: 55 people
NO pay raise
Some Extra work
They chose the sexiest resident

Really it is an honor and I wanted to brag a little on Craig. Good Work Honey!
I wanted to include your most 'chiefly' pictures!
Then I wanted to include one so you'll always remember who you really are!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last week a very special person died. Craig's Grandma Opal Anna passed away late Thursday night. After a quick trip to Missouri for the funeral and a day at home catching up, I wanted to leave one memory. I remember the first time driving up to her house. Craig and I had just gotten married and we were on our way to Kirksville to start medical school. Craig was so excited to have me meet his grandma. As we pulled up I thought, 'I see the garage, where's the house.' Grandams house was a little corner of that big, over sized 4 car garage. I thought to myself as I entered her little 1 bedroom house, 'wow this place will get crowded quickly.' That was the last time I ever thought that. It wasn't long before I realized that grandma's house was never crowded. There could be 100 people there and the only sign of the house being too full was the port-a-potty she rented so 'all them boy's ain't using hers.' It still didn't feel crowded because grandma had a way of making everyone feel welcome and loved. It takes a very special lady to make each one of her 22 grandchildren truly feel like they are her 'most favorite.' We will miss our summer trip to Grandma's but know she is now with her hubby in heaven.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ahhhhhh! It's good to see.

I'm know I'm jumping the gun a little. But after a lot of this...
(By the Way only a REAL man can get a way with shoveling the driveway while wearing his wife's UGG's - which he now thinks are way more comfortable than any of his 12 pair of work/snow boots)

And too much of this.... to still be put away
(all the Christmas decorations got buried shortly after Christmas and are just now starting to reappear!)

And front porch steps that just didn't make it through...
(anybody have a suggestion as to how to fix these?)
It is so exciting to see this...
(I was so surprised when I saw them today!)
And fun to buy cute little these...
(Girly sandals and capri's!)
And of course to have these out...(Our neighbor says she knows it's spring when she see's the other neighbors pink barbie jeeps hanging out at our house!)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Order Up!

I would like to order a new life. One that includes, but is not limited to:

work weeks that are less than 100 hours long

a husband who is not constantly exhausted

squirrels who make their nests in my trees not my attic

children who mostly don't whine

house work not being completed between 10 pm and 1 am

an occasional girls night out without having to make up for it for the next 4 days in extra house work

a weekly date night with my husband

a budget that seems to pay all the bills (I know I'm reaching for the stars here)

Date nights with the kids that don't include, 'you go, no really you take them' (I'm so tired!)

and for dessert - monthly pedicures...

What do you think the bill will be for this? hmmm $300,000? That's about what it costs to become a doctor. I'll let you know in 16 more months if this order can be filled.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Little Quinny

To make a long story short, Quinn started preschool Monday. All in one day he learned, that he has to go potty - 'because the teacher said so.' His teacher is 'higher, higher, higher' (she is over 6 feet tall) and that you put your back pack in the 'big bucket, not the little bucket, the big bucket!' He loved it and came home and announced, 'I'm a big boy now, not a baby!' Don't tell him, but he is still my baby!
Lexsie was offering all sorts of moral support!