Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Joy Ride

The Guilty Party
You wonder about those parents... now, I am one. I had started getting the little kids outside to go run errands, but lexsie needed to go potty so I stopped to take her. About the time I was getting ready to head out the door I hear the neighbor yell, 'call 911.' My first thought was that it was one of the construction workers across the street using the saw I could hear. Then I saw a green suburban in the neighbors yard. It took a few seconds to realize that was MY suburban. My next thought was 'Quinn.' I yelled to Craig (who was sleeping) still not sure what the problem was but thinking at this point Quinn had been run over. I see my neighbor jumping into the front of my car, I grab lexsie and take off after Craig. After all of our hearts stopped racing... we concluded that Quinn had gotten my car keys, put them in the ignition, turn it on, managed to push the break and pull down the gear shift to put it into neutral. Then he rolled backwards down our driveway, jumped our curb (which is about 6 inches tall - and has stopped me more than once) backed into the next door neighbors house which left only a small scratch, started going forward, went up a small embankment over the road, missed a huge boulder, made it between the two houses and stopped just before hitting a utility pole. The more I think about it the more amazed I am. Quinn is fine. The car is fine. The house is fine. The construction workers are fine. Quinn told me I was taking too long and that he wanted to go. Even though it has been several hours... I am still shaking! Thank goodness for everything being OK. Thank goodness for our neighbors, thank goodness Craig was home (not sure I could have handled this one alone) and thank goodness for Heavenly Father watching out for this little guy! And now that a day or two has passed - wish me luck with this boy as a teenager!

Does he look guilty?

What a week!

3 first days of school. Including a very nervous kindergartner, meetings with every teacher for some reason or another, church meetings, saying goodbye to my sister, med wars, birthday parties, long weekends with out Craig, escaping guinea pigs, oh and Quinn took the suburban for a joy ride.

Needless to say it was so wild that even Craig told me to go drink a mt. dew and take a nap! (which is kind of ironic - because caffeine and naps don't really mix for most people!)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The pictures say it all

Q: of course I'll wait. You're screeching loud enough to get my attention.
L: I'm coming big brother, you're the best!

L: Kicking his rear!

L: Watch this trick

L: Ha ha still kicking your rear!

L: Seriously, this time I'm waiting.


We have lived here for 2 years. And 2 years ago I bought this towel rack and hung it on the bathroom door. I was trying it out, to see if I would really use it, if I really liked it. I think it is time to commit and take the tags off. Do you think I am rushing into things?

Bekah Logic

Bekah: 'do you want to know why I picked out this book?'

Me: 'the story line? the author? it's a mystery?'

Bekah: ' no, because it smells good, like a brand new book in a kindergarten classroom.'

Thursday, August 12, 2010

This summer we took a quick trip to Missouri to see Craigs parents. We fit a lot of things into a short trip, and then left the kids behind and came home with out them! Hmmmm, it was a good time, and the kids had a blast!
Grandma Sandy taught the girls (and neighbor girls) how to make fondant flowers for their cupcakes. They had so much fun and the flowers looked professional, and of course they each had their own unique style! By the way, this is a skill that they never would have been introduced to if not for Grandma. (Thank You!)

We went to a wild animal park - one of those small, family type of deals, and the workers asked for help. Boy did Bekah jump in. He could of had her working all day feeding animals (for free labor!)

Lexsie really got a kick out of feeding the animals out of her hand. She was by far the most brave... or in others words really had no idea they could bite her tiny little fingers off.

We did a drive through and had the opportunity to get up and close with the camel. Let's just say these guys are a little aggressive!

Quinn was like the little shepard boy walking up and down the fence, and the whole heard followed him up and down the fence. There was one tiny little kid (ya know baby goat) that could get out through the fence so Quinn and the kid started having rock climbing competitons. Quinn was giggleing and the kid played along!

Next on our list was Fantastic Caverns, the only 'drive through cave' in the country. This place had a lot of history. It was discovered by a dog, explored by a group of women, served as a distillery for a little moon shine business, functioned as a KKK meeting place, then a 'speak easy', theater, and finally it is what it is today. A money making tourist attraction!

Grandpa took the kids on morning walks to and around the garden. Their garden was in much better shape than our garden! So the kids had fun picking the vegtables as opposed to pulling weeds which is all that is available in our garden.


I was reflecting on each of my children yesterday and came to some conclusions.

Bekah = everybody wants to be her friend she is so fun and spunky

Anna = really couldn't care less how many friends she has - one good friend is all she needs

Kaid = makes friends easily, anywhere

Quinn = there is no person out there who isn't already his friend

Lexsie = brothers and sisters make the best of friends.