Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

I am so excited for school to be starting and not because the kids will be gone all day - everyday, but because they are going to be learning and growing and they will share all the great things they do each day with me. It's almost like I have 5 days in everyday because I get to share it with them.
Bekah in 5th grade was nervous - new kid in the new school - but covers her nerves with jokes and laughter (as illustrated in photo above).
Anna in Kindergarten was nervouse - new kid, new school, and a whole new experience - copes with silence and hugs.
I love you Bekah and Anna - you make me so proud! I love to see the differences and love to see how each kid adapts differently but copes successfully! Now we'll see how mom copes - minus 2 kids all day.

Welcome Home

It was a long summer with out Bekah. Everyone was so excited to see her again

Happy Birthday

kaid has turned 4! With another trip to Chuck-E-Cheese and a spider man bike this cute little boy is growing up. Kaid is so kind to his little brother and sister and always ready to help mom clean up, he is a hundred laughs and always willing to give a big hug. We love you Kaid!