Thursday, July 30, 2009

I just think it's cute how Lex hasn't got a clue about what's going on and then someone says, "it's your birthday' and it's like she totally understood and grinned!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thoughts on your 1st birthday Lexsie-Lou

  • You can and do sleep through anything!

  • I miss the midnight feedings (what mother in her right mind says that?)

  • You love noise. If it's going on - you want to be in the middle of it

  • Your giggle

  • Your kisses (ok you just give us your forehead)

  • You and Quinn have a special play-together bond (can't wait to see that as you both get older)

  • You love swimming and hate a bath

  • We call you Lou (I can never remember your name... Lilly right?)

  • Your a girl with no fashion sense - yet... I can dress you however I want!

  • Your a tax deduction - oh wait we maxed that out 2 kids ago.

  • Your birthday makes for simple math in how long we've been in residency and how long we have to go.

  • Your the perfect ending to our family!

Happy Birthday Lou-Lou

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Laugh for the Day

Kaid: Ooooo Diarrhea! I love Diarrhea.... (As he claps and looks longingly at a Quesadilla).

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Just realized why this summer has been so lovely!

2009 - Uhhh nothing big!
2008 - Baby and Moving
2007 - Deployment
2006 - Pregnant and Moving
2005 - Moving
2004 - Baby
2003 - Moving
2002 - Pregnant
2001 - Married and Moving

We ran into both Anna and Kaid's teachers at the YMCA yesterday. Setting aside the fact that both kids 'pretended' they didn't even know their teachers we had the typical 'summer is going by way too fast' conversation. I made the comment that I was sad that I would have to send my kids back to school soon. Anna's teacher gave me the strangest look and said, "I don't think I've ever heard a parent say that before." Though there are times (see post below) I really have enjoyed the time I've had this summer. Time to sit and read books, time to play in the swimming pool, time to go to the park and on hikes and sit and eat lunch together, just time with the kids! When school starts it's all about hurry and get up so you can hurry and eat so you can hurry and get on the bus so you can hurry and get home and hurry to karate and hurry to dinner and hurry to shower and hurry to homework and hurry to bed so you can hurry tomorrow! Huh! Who wants school to start?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What happened to me?

I was just cruisin' blogs and I saw all the cute 4th pictures and matching festive outfits and the nice artwork on the blogs and people who made it to parades and took pictures of the events and I couldn't help but wonder...what happened?

I remember when my kids had outfits for the appropriate holiday (ya know red, white, and blue in the right shades for the 4th - (the kids that match aren't mine and mine that matches is because my friend bought a dress for Anna to match her girls.)
I remember when I combed and meticulously did the girls hair every day with matching bows - now it's 'does anyone have a bottle of water - this kid has a rat's nest in the back of her head' (while in the parking lot needing to go in where ever it is we are)

I remember when my kids had 'church shoes' and now it has happened more than once that my kid (kaid) has ended up at church with no shoes (church still has to take us)

I remember when I was never late - now I'm screaming in the parking lots of everywhere we go to tell the kids 'RUN! We're late!!'

I remember when I brushed my teeth every morning. Now I just get it done most days. Ewww

I remember when all the people in my family, extended family and friends got home made birthday cards. Now I'm thinking of skipping Lexsie's birthday (next week) because she's only turning 1 - she won't know.

I remember date night -swapping with other couples - no one wants to swap anymore - I'm not sure if it's because they don't want all of my kids or because they don't trust me with theirs.

I remember having money - enough said.

I remember when I didn't need to go to the gym

I remember when it didn't take up 3 hours of my day to go to the gym

I remember going to the grocery store with a list, not forgetting anything on my list, and knowing how much it was all going to cost (down to the dollar). Now I'm buying gallons of milk at the gas station - for a low, low fee - because I forgot it at the store.

I remember filling up with gas every Tuesday. Now I know why they have a 'low fuel indicator'

I remember when my mother complimented me for cleaning my car out every time I got out so it always stayed clean. Yeah, now just look...
I remember when all my canned goods where alphabetized, labels out, date purchased written on top (yeah I was like that).

I remember when I scoffed at parents who missed/were late/ ill-prepared for the t-ball game. Yeah, totally had the wrong date and time of Kaids this week. Good thing ice cream soothes all wounds...

I remember - I sigh - I know intellectually it's possible - I know alpabatized soup cans have nothing to do with my eternal salvation - but still....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thoughts on Food Storage

OK so how many of you Mormons out there have been teased and even ridiculed for your food storage? I know, I know every time we move my own husband grumbles under his breath! Saying something to the effect of, 'do you really think there is going to be a huge famine and no food will be found?' When friends comment I say something to the effect of 'what if you loose your job, or get injured and can't work for a while, what if you just can't get to the store because your kids are sick!' Now, today I heard that the state of California (as well as other states) are out of money and state employees may not be getting their next paycheck. Hmmmmm... Food storage is looking better and better. Of course we have been counseled for generations to prepare and some of us (me) have laughed and did it wondering about the great famine and how that would play out. And here we are - no famine in the traditional sense- just inept leaders of our nation creating a 'money famine'. A situation where those who are not prepared will panic and I predict chaos will in sue. (And yes, you can see that we have a full 2 year supply of Mt. Dew - LOL)