Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Shinner

Ah Lexsie girl... you think you are a 4 year old boy and try to do all things the big boys do, but you usually get stuck with the black eye. I don't think any of the other 4 kids have ever had a black eye, but you, I'm starting to loose track of how many you have had in your short 2 year life... no doubt you will be tough! The picture really doesn't do justice to the injury!

I'm Flunking

Here in rainy Ohio lawn mowing takes place 2-3 times a week... but I'm flunking, oh I get out there and do my part to keep the grass from seeding out, but I'm just not doing it right. Notice how our lawn ends up with grass clipppings out in the street and its a huge mess, while all the neighbors manage to have neat and tidy yards with no debris left in the street. I think I have officially flunked lawn mowing 101. (which craig seconds) I don't know if there will be another course offered, or if a courseis offerd I will partake... I think what I'm really doing is making a declaration that I will no longer try to mow!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Just taking a moment to brag on Craig's accomplishments. We finally made it through boards. The biggest most important test of any physicians career! Yikes - I honestly wasn't sure either one of us was going to make it until March 16. But we did, he took the test, felt relieved, then met with some friends and started going over the questions... decided he flunked the boards because none of his answers matched up with his co-workers, and started stressing again! OH MY! I was at my wits end (needless to say I wasn't demonstrating a loving patient wife - no I was eye rolling and telling him so what? if you flunk you take it again! SHUT UP! lol.) Well, we finally got the test results. 799. Passed. 799 out of 800! Passed NUMBER 1 in the nation! Way to GO!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Quinn's Faces

Quinn is famous for the faces he pulls... I've just got a few here.

The last few included the commentary of him saying, 'I'm cool. Yeah, I'm so cooooool.'