Saturday, November 28, 2009

OK, funny snapshot of our little trip. We all stopped to eat at my all time favorite restaurant - TACO JOHNS! and were getting ready to leave, when we realized Lex had a dirty diaper. So I open the trunk and get to work, only it's everywhere!!! Literally, covered her back, so I'm taking off clothes when Kaid turns around, looks over the seat and says, 'mom, she looks like a brownie!' Hmmmm, if only she smelled like one!

Just Grateful

I am so grateful that Craig can and does call me and share 'those' moments with me. He just had a very sad case come through the ER where a 9 month old baby died. The baby died - and it just could have easily been one of ours. I just assumed he wasn't busy, but he said, 'no he was busy, he just wanted to talk for a minute.' And it hit me that he always calls and checks in when he has something particularly emotional to deal with. And I am so grateful that he does call me and we can share that moment, and I can help give him the strength to move on to the next thing that is required of him. Craig is an awesome doctor, and he cares, and I am so proud of him, and so glad I can help him in such a small way.

By the way - I am extreamly SLOW - it has taken 2 1/2 years of residency for me to figure this out! DUH!

Aren't I as good as a Handicapped Person

Let me first say that I had a great trip! Next, let me say how disappointed in society I am. Let's just say there was a blind man taking a trip on an airplane somewhere. Most people would be helpful and at least kind. If the man bumped another persons chair they would accept his apology, the ticketing agents would probably go out of their way to be helpful, get the man to the gate, on the plane, sat in his chair, and may even offer to bring him a drink as the time came. As we checked in - our ticketing agent looked at us and said, 'all these kids?' OK just clarifying the situation, right? then when she asked for Craig's ID and he said, no he wasn't going she huffed! can you believe it! she actually huffed! of course I make a wise crack about this is my everyday life and no different than anything else I do with all 5 kids by myself, but she still huffed. as we walked to our gate you could see everyone counting the kids I had following behind, but whatever... Then you should have seen the dirty looks I was getting from people as I walked down the isle to our seats. As we approached our seat the lady in front of us (before we had even sat down) turns around and says, "I'm all about kids, but I won't be kicked during this entire flight! do you understand me? she looks at poor, stoic kaid (who had done nothing) and says, does he understand me?" are you kidding me he's not deaf? so we fly, the kids were exceptionally well behaved, caused no problems (less than some adults I would imagine) and we exited the plane. Of course the return trip wasn't any better, I had comments about 'you know how this happens right?' 'how many kids do you have' and 'why on earth would you travel with so many kids alone?' I have done my fair share of flying in the past - usually with 1 or 2 kids and people have been kind, and helpful, offering assistance, and even sharing stories of traveling with their kids. Nope, all I got was dirty looks and snide comments for the audacity of buying 6 plane tickets and taking children with me! I guess having a large family is worse than being handicapped!

All I can think of - since my return home - is this sweet story from an old ensign.

Many already know part of this story. It occurred a few years ago in the winter at O’Hare International Airport, that great and busy place that serves the city of Chicago. On this occasion a severe storm had caused delays and cancellations of flights. The thousands of people stranded or delayed there were impatient and cross and irritable. Among those in trouble was a woman, a young mother standing in a long line at the check-in counter. She had a two-year-old child who was on the dirty floor at her feet. She was pregnant with another child. She was sick and weary to the bone. Her doctor had warned her against bending and picking up anything heavy, so as she moved slowly with the line she pushed her crying and hungry child with her foot. People who saw her made critical and cutting remarks, but none offered to help.
Then a man came toward her and with a smile of kindness on his face said, “You need help. Let me help you.” He lifted the dirty, crying child from the floor and held her warmly in his arms. Taking a stick of gum from his pocket, he gave it to the child. Its sweet taste calmed her. He explained to those in the line the woman’s need of help, then took her to the head of the line, spoke with the ticket agent, and soon had her checked in. He then found seats where she and her child could be comfortable, chatted for a moment, and disappeared into the crowd without giving his name. She went on her way to her home in Michigan.
Years later there came to the office of the President of the Church a letter which reads as follows:
“Dear President Kimball:
“I am a student at Brigham Young University. I have just returned from my mission in Munich, West Germany. I had a lovely mission and learned much. …
“I was sitting in priesthood meeting last week, when a story was told of a loving service which you performed some twenty-one years ago in the Chicago airport. The story told of how you met a young pregnant mother with a … screaming child, in … distress, waiting in a long line for her tickets. She was threatening miscarriage and therefore couldn’t lift her child to comfort her. She had experienced four previous miscarriages, which gave added reason for the doctor’s orders not to bend or lift.
“You comforted the crying child and explained the dilemma to the other passengers in line. This act of love took the strain and tension off my mother. I was born a few months later in Flint, Michigan.
“I just want to thank you for your love. Thank you for your example!”
The world truly would be a different place if each of us frequently and seriously considered our Lord’s request: “Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” (Matt. 7:12.)

I hope I can always remember to not judge and to just look for ways to be kind and helpful~

Monday, November 23, 2009

Disaster Averted

Thank goodness for awnsered prayers. I finally remembered a little incident this morning were Quinn and Lexsie went out on the front porch to say goodbye to Bekah, and then Quinn locked Lexsie out. (Mean Brother) anyway, I realized the lovie was most likely with her at that point. Went out on the porch, leaned over the edge and there stuck between a bush and the ground was the lovie!! Rainsoaked and dirty, but she didn't care. Now we WILL travel. Whew!

Will NOT Travel

OK. Traveling with 5 kids alone? No problem. Flying on an airplane? We can do it. Renting a car and driving the rest of the way? Totally Do-able! Doing this without Lexsie's Lovie? Impossible! I won't go! I can't imagine where it is! Wish me luck!!!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Living Dinosaur

I'm talking with Anna tonight about turning 7, and that in a year she would be getting baptized. She asked me, "back in the old days when you were baptized was it the same?" To which I started laughing and asked, 'do you think I'm old?' and she says, 'well your closer to the dinosaurs than I am..." Yes, my Anna I am about 25 years closer to prehistoric than you.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I finally got Anna and Bekah's B-Day pictures taken. They turned out pretty cute. The photographer worked and worked to get Anna to smile. Anna is 0ne hard nut to crack! I finally had to pull out all the guns and tell her we were going to have green beans for dinner if she didn't smile! That seemed to be threat enough. No grean beans for her! Of course we had to convince Bekah to stop posing. We had enough pictures! (and the family one turned out pretty good too!)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anna just comes up to me and asks, "The next time daddy doesn't have to work the whole day and the whole night can I use his lunch box?" How sad, that the poor man never has 24 entire hours off, and that the kids know it... Along those lines - Craig and I were going over this months calender and we were caught saying, "how bout this day - you only work a half day." Uh that half day was still an 8 hour shift. We did have a good chuckle as we realized what we had just said and how warped our life is right now.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Do I need Medication?

Yes, my kids all have a color. Everything they own is in that color. When I see the 5 colors of something I can't resist! Just so you all understand how obsessed I am.

Beks is blue
Anna is pink
Kaid is green
Quinn is orange
Lex is purple

In fact, the other day I was asking Quinn his colors and this is what I got.

Then I just couldn't resist pumpkins in all the right colors!

Monday, November 2, 2009

My 'To Read' Pile

Isabella Moon
Preach My Gospel
Fahrenheit 451
How to fall in love and stay in love
Preach My Gospel
October Ensign
Woman Power Dr. Laura
How to make someone love you
(Craig cringes when I come out of the self - help section! But I do seem to go in cycles - relationship, parenting, finances then I start over - every once in a while I throw in something really useful like basket weaving.)

The Most Wanted
Women's Day
The BOM made Easy
I went to Vassar for This?
Freak the Mighty
Families Are Forever...if I can just get through today!
Managers of their Chores
Creating Keepsakes (In the car for on the go reading)

and before I could even publish this post
Novembers Ensign, Friend, and New Era came in the mail.

So much to read... so little time!