Thursday, October 30, 2008

Soap Box

OK so I am sick and tired of Halloween. Why have all the holidays turned into holi-weeks. Has anyone else noticed that we don't just dress up on one day go to school, have a party, come home and do some trick or treating all in the same day? Now we trick or treat the Sunday before Halloween, we have a school party on a second day, the ward trunk or treat is on a third day (for better attendance?) and I'm sure there are other things you do on several more days - dress up for dance class or party at work day... Halloween has lasted a full week! And childhood obesity is all an all time high But, it's not just Halloween - what about thanksgiving or Christmas? I'm not talking about the feel good, do service, think of the savior for the month of December. No I'm talking about the month of December filled with shopping for gifts for people you barley know and can't afford, I'm talking about going to holiday party after holiday party so you don't offend anyone, I'm talking about seeing Santa at the mall, at the church, at school, on the street corner. Heck even voting day isn't a day anymore - you have voting for weeks before, absentee ballots, voter fraud, pols, solicitors. As far as I'm concerned the only people who deserve to absentee vote are military personnel who are over seas! These holi-weeks and holi-months are just too much! Oh yeah the ultimate irony is that on Oct. 31 - halloween DAY - there are no activitys. That's the day we stay home and pretend that it's not halloween...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween in Ohio

They do this crazy thing in Ohio where you trick or treat the sunday before Halloween. So last sunday we hit the dusty trail... Of course this means we actually spend a whole week on halloween activities (a bit much if you ask me!) But, here they are...

Lexsie just wanted a nap - I carried her the whole way. And of course as every good mom knows I dutifully pushed the empty stroller with my other hand.

Quinn a ghost - whoooooo. Craig carried him the whole way (He got the short end of the stick as far as carrying kids goes)

Kaid was a Ninja Turtle.
Bekah was a Grecian Godess. Most people thought she was a roman queen.
Anna was also a Grecian Goddess. She had so much fun trick or treating with her friends.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Party

We had a lot of great and yummy food! Bekah and Grandma Sandy made a brownie black cat. Anna and Grandma Sandy made a bread and dip Mummy. And Grandma managed to find boogers and zit poppers.

Monster Eyes

Grandpa Bob and Grandma Sandy brought all sorts of great things for us to play with. Grandma made monster eyes to eat in a cup of hot cocoa!

Moment of Crazieness

Well I had a house full of kids and out of my mouth popped; "who wants to paint pumpkins?" Uhhh duh - this is what happens when you give a paint brush, orange paint, and a soggy paper sack to a one year old.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Probably only a grandparent will appreciate this one!

This is what you get when the 10 year old is having model shoots! I think it's too cute~

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thanks Aunt Stacy for the new Rain Gear - We have had plenty of opportunity to use it!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Today we took a family trip to Ramseyer Farm. What fun we had! There were things for all the kids to do. Quinn rode the little wagon ride 7, 983 times. Anna and Bekah did the corn slide 438 times and Kaid spent 5 hours petting the animals. It was great. Of course we coulnd't leave without finding a pumpkin for each kid.

The Grand-Daddy Winner of them all was the 60 pounder (that's more than any of our kids weigh!) Craig couldn't resist!

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Mothers Job(s)

I was in the shower thinking - yes I do most of my best thinking in the shower ... now the secrets out about why I take such long showers - anyway I was thinking of all the jobs I get the privilege to attend to today. So I made a list. Feel free to add any I have forgotten.

Magician - I am to magically make a drink appear at any time and any place.

Spelunker - reaching into the abyss of a toilet to retrieve a toy counts

Mt. Climber - It takes 3 trips up a very long and steep set of steps to get all of my sleeping kids out of the car and into the house - more if groceries are included.

Chauffeur - yes I'm in the front, they are in the rear (where is the sound proof glass?)

Bus Driver - 8-10 kids could ride a short bus (short bus? hmmm)

Clown - I thought I was playing with my kids - Craig thought I could be accused of being MR

Merry Maid - Yes I'm a horrible mom - I make the 7 beds each day (but they actually look good when I do it!)

Detective - 'Did you bite your brother?'

Hunter - I am in charge of getting rid of any pests that are trying to infiltrate our house this fall. Mice, Chipmunks, Moles, and Wood-Peckers.

Counselor - Kaid said, 'your making me mad mom' I reply, 'I'm glad you feel comfortable sharing your feelings, but I don't care. Now it's still bedtime.'

Nurse/Doctor - based on the severity of the wound

Movie Critic - You can't watch Sponge Bob for the 7 billionth time because it's a show that makes you stupider not smarter.

Massage Therapist -when those legs are hurting from growing pains
Sanitation Worker - Diapers - 'nuff said

Phone Book 'What's so and so's number' (I didn't know I could be an inanimate object)
Religion Professor - why did God make bad people?

Journalist - scrap booking our current events

Nail Tech - I get to cut and color my kids nails on a regular bases

Police Man - 'Are you chewing gum? Your banned from gum!!!! Remember when you got it in your toes!)

Nutritionist - 'No you can't take just tootsie rolls in your lunch today'

Child Development Expert - We all know it takes a lot to really, really scar your child for life

Research Assistant - New Math (I wasn't all up on the old math -where is the homework hotline number?)

Weather Man - don't forget your coat

Fashion Consultant - A swimsuit and rain boots are a huge fashion faux -pas in kindergarten.
Interrogator- Did you wet your pants - denial - I know you wet your pants - denial - Just go in and change.

Treasure Hunter - I always know where x marks the spot - yes, your shoes are out by the tramp, your book bag is still in the car, your favorite toy fell behind the toilet

Interpreter - a 1 1/2 Year old

Cow - I'm nursing

Ghost Buster - I get rid of any scary entities in bedrooms at night.

Pack Horse - How do I end up with 3 back-packs and 2 babies to carry home from the bus stop?

Natural Disaster Rescue Worker - Natural Disaster = Toy Room, Rescue Worker = 'Don't throw the ball to the baby she can't catch it!'

Geek Squad - I'm the first person they call when Reader Rabbit has dissappeared down the rabbit hole because some innocent child (Quinn) started hitting buttons at random.

...and this list was developed all in the shower this morning. Productive Shower!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

He Speaks!

I love when kids are starting to talk and will repeat anything you tell them to say. This video is mostly for those grandparents who get as excited about the strong, silent, huggy boy talking as I do.

It's Official

Anybody that knows me knows I drink Mt. Dew - a lot of Mt. Dew. I have quit many times...but then I start again. Now I'm 'over the hill' so to speak, don't have the exuse of just 'getting fat' the next time I get pregnant and so I knew I had to make some changes to my 'life-style.' Well, it's official I think I can now claim it to be - a drink diet Mt. Dew consumer.