Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Past 10 Years

Well, just a quick story as we are still getting settled in our new home. We took the kids swimming the other day and there was a little water slide so Craig took the 3 big kids up and while there asks the life guard, 'Is there an age limit for this slide?' Thinking of the 2 little kids of course. And she says, 'oh yeah! We have old people go down this slide all the time!' Ha Ha Ha.Somewhere in the last 10 years... we got married, had 5 kids, bought and sold our first house, moved 6 times, bought or sold 7 vehicles and apparently got old. Well at least Craig did!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Freaky People

No one faces her fears like Anna - parasailing on the Outer Banks

So Anna, my little one who would never dream of making eye contact with a stranger, let alone speak to one, the one who thinks she's invisible because she doesn't want to stand out, the child who has to know every detail of every event just so she can prepare herself, the one who worries about all those details for weeks in advance - decided she wanted to go on a special trip with her Aunt Stacy, but to do so would require that she fly unaccompanied part of the way to meet up with Aunt Stacy. So she prepared, debated and finally decided this is what she wanted to do, we booked the flight, we discussed every detail, the schedule, how things would work, and of course rediscussed everything - because that's Anna. Took her to the plane this morning, and I watched as freaky people got on, you know one that had a hang over so bad she couldn't walk straight, one who was yelling at her baby the entire time, and one who was clearly anxious about flying. it was on Anna's flight (and I have put kids on planes dozens of times... with no incidence) that boarded, taxied to the run way and then had to turn around and come back to the gate, because some lady was having a panic attack causing a scene and had to get off the plane. I hope to heck the rest of her trip is less eventful, cause I can guarantee I didn't cover enough possible scenarios about crazy people before she left.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

To Move or not to move...

Will it all fall into place?
Let's see in one week we have gone from having a house, putting a deposit on it and then got into military housing, we have gone from having movers last week, to doing it ourselves, to having different movers this week..