Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Taco Bell

this story is just too cute not to document! Quinn, Lexsie and I were out running many Christmas errands and we decided not to just get taco bell for lunch, but to actually go in (ahh the freedoms I'm starting to enjoy!) so we go in and I place the order. We sit down and I pull out Quinn's soft taco. He looks at me with that pouty face and sad eyes only Quinn can pull off, shrugs his shoulders and says, 'mom, I wanted a crunchy taco.' To which I reply, 'sorry buddy I messed up you'll just have to eat that one.' He eats his nachos and then holds out his hand and says somewhat disgruntled, 'give me some money. I 'll go get my crunchy taco.' Of course this is all done very sweetly, not in the least bit ornery. So I give him a dollar and remind him to talk loud enough for the cashier to hear. He marches up and gets in line between two 6 foot tall men, like he is also 6 feet tall, tells me to sit down, that he can do it himself, and then starts giving me the wink - you know the head nod with a blink that only a 3 year old can pull off. He gets to the counter puts his money on the table and shouts, 'HARD TACO WITH NO LETTUCE - PLEASE!' Of course I'm having the hardest time not totally laughing my head off, so is the cashier, the man behind him, and the district manager who happens to be there. Quinn waits for his taco, says thank you and strolls back to the table. This boy, if I could have pulled out my video camera... there is nothing he can't or won't do. As he grows this boy is going to become a man who won't easily take no for an answer - and he'll do it all in such a sweet way, you won't know he got what he wanted despite what you wanted till it's all over.

Where we are...

Well Craig has been on nights for a bit now (10 days), and after the initial shock of making the transition from days to nights (let's just say grouchy for 4-5 days!) we are finally settling in to this new routine (this was his last night...) Yeah, that's where we are. Get used to one thing to have it change - lets just say my floors are a mess! I just really feel bad vacuuming when anyone is sleeping so right now the only time someone is not sleeping is at crunch time (you know the time the big kids get home from school are doing homework, making dinner, getting to/from activities, little ones are melting because they are ready for sleep - not a good time to clean floors either) ANYWAY, this morning Craig got home a bit early and crawled into bed (while I was still there) and I started laughing because it felt so weird, so we were there chit chatting for a bit (he couldn't sleep because he has now made the change from days to nights) and well I am used to getting woke up 14 billion times a night so whatever, anyway we were taking this time to talk and just be together, when my alarm went off and I had to get up. We had a good 15 minutes of uninterrupted, quality, bonding time. Yes, we are two ships passing in the night. In the mean time he is sleeping and I am not vacuuming and I'll have to wake him in a few hours so he can sleep tonight and make the transition back to days (and be grouchy.) We'll do that for a few days, and then guess what - yep. He's on nights in Jan so we will transition back. This residency stuff is not for the faint of heart, or those who obsess over clean floors.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The World's Best

Yes, there is no better snuggler. He crawls into bed early in the morning, but not too early, molds him self 'just right' against you and lays really still, then he will place his cute little hand on your cheek and say, 'I lub you, mom.' Totally makes up for all the 'incidents' he seems to be caught in the middle of.