Sunday, March 18, 2007

Craig was able to visit Doha shortly after arriving. I guess he was in the right place at the right time, because they don't let people go into town very often. He said there were some pretty amazing Persian rugs for pretty low prices if anyone is interested!

This is how narrow the hallway in their trailers are. It's also why they keep them on a strict diet. They don't want any extra wide loads getting stuck passing in the hall.

This is the community center. Any free-time spent out of their rooms can be spent in these little cabanas. The only indoor facilities are the movie theater, BX, hospital, and a small game/library room.

This is the Hilton Craig lives in. Each one of these trailers have I don't know how many 'dorm' rooms in them.

Craig does have a corner office. That is - in a qubical he shares with 3 people.

I'm not sure where Craig picked this chick up...actually, I think she worked at the immunization clinic here at Ellsworth.

This is the room where Craig gets to spend most of his time. There's not more to the picture. Notice the big screen TV - he was lucky to get it! At least he doesn't have to share with 3 other guys like the rest of the squadron!

Craigs creativity at work. He made these shelves from cardboard and the top bunk. No wonder they told him to bring plenty of duct tape.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The unbelievable has happened! Bekah has cut her hair. 17 inches... if only it was under different circumstances. let me set the story up for you - 2 notices sent home from school informing parents that a child in the class has lice. I go into the hospital to have baby. I get home from hospital at 7:00 pm. Craig has mandatory classes/stuff to do for deployment in 2 weeks. I get Bekah ready for school and notice she is really scratching her head. I look... yup, the unspeakable. I haul 3 day old Quinn and 3 other kids to KMart in 25 degree weather and 40 mph winds to buy 'special' shampoo. I read direction for ridding our house of unwanted vermin... I start to cry. To make a long story short Bekah had a choice 3-5 hours of washing and combing out her hair (and $60 worth of shampoo - that stuff ain't cheap!) for the next two days or a haircut and 2 hours worth of work for the next two days. She was tough! I was bawling! she was saying, "Just do it mom, just do it, it's fine!" The hair got cut a little shorter than I intended but it actually looks really cute when you get used to it. It's just a real shock when you first see it. I still had to collect every stuffed animal, sheet, pillow, blanket, dress up clothes, doll clothes and wash them as well as spray and vacuum all the furniture and mattress as well as carpet clean the floors, while stopping every hour to nurse Quinn. I was tired by the end of that week.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Bekah is working on her level II gymnastics. Today she recieved her Balance Beam Award!

23 Degrees and 60 mph wind gusts

One of Anna and Ellie's favorite activities is to make wishes. I listened in on one of their conversations.

Anna: I wish we can even go outside a lot and not be cold or wear jackets and jump on the trampoline a lot and drive the jeep even. AMEN!

Ellie: I wish it was warmer in my whole life and then I could be warm and not cold and drink hot chocolate. I don't like hot chocolate. AMEN!

When Craig is away I get antsy. That in combination with the fact that Quinn really needed a refused inspired a room swap. Kaid moved downstair and Quinn moved into Kaids room. We went with a Hawaiin themed room for Anna and Kaid, who were very excited to start sharing a room. After arranging and rearranging I finally decided that I would have to put the beds into bunk beds...But, knowing Anna's history I didn't dare put her on the top bunk! But Kaid seemed too little, but we did it. Wouldn't you know Kaid hasn't had one problem. Anna still falls out of the bottom bunk so that was a wise choice.

Kaid is still potty training - hence the no pants. But the funny part is that when the girls were over at our house playing they decided to run across the street to Ellies. Kaid wasn't going to be left behind so he yelled, "wait!", ran and put on his shoes and followed the girls. I just think his skinny little legs with those big ol' hunkin shoes are so funny. Yes, he does have underware on as he's running around the neighborhood.