Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My mother of the year moment... made a fancy smanchy breakfast with name tags! (the only time this year anything like this will happen)
Anna - 3rd grader

Kaid - 1st grader

Quinn Pre - K
not a good picture but you get the attitude.
Lex Preschooler

Lexsie girl was so tired after the first day she went straight up to her room and put herself to bed. She was too tired to even unfold her blankies and cover herself up.

First Week of School

So the first week of school has come and gone. Boy did I have big expectations! I was considering finding a part time job, cause with all 5 in school I was gonna have soooo much time on my hands! Jokes on me! Friday rolled around, my house was a disaster, my kids where tired and cranky, my shoulders were killing me and my feet and legs - how they hurt, and though I had decided my season of life had come to start exercising... I didn't make it once! But why oh why... I did the math. 5 Kids in school equals 4 daily trips to drop off and/or pick up children. One mile round trip, walking because we are that close and it would be silly to drive (besides it's a nightmare). I had joyfully gotten rid of all strollers before the move, after all the baby is 3, and I'm a flip flop girl right? So 4 miles a day (for a total couch potato) in flip flops carrying the 3 year old, and pushing the 4 year old up the hills on his bike (hence the sore shoulders)... and we start way too early - 5:45! yikes! Oh and temps were averaging 107 degrees. So I'm digging out my tennies, looking to purchase another stroller (whatever) and hoping that I'm building muscles for week 2!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Like mother like daughter

Tonight Lex and I made a quick trip to Lowe's for a part Craig needed. So we slipped in the back door to make a quick get away... only then we had to have a potty break on the far side of the store so we decided there was no hurry and started checking out the kitchen area... after Lex opened and shut each and every refrigerator door and washer and dryer door, she found this little cubby set up and exclaimed and got excited as she showed me which drawer the shoes, the socks and the clothes would go in, how she would hang the coats ( a girl after my own heart) but just for kicks I turned to the other side and asked her which color cupboard she would choose. They had 10 different options.... white, oak, cherry... She went straight to the cherry. Just like her mama!