Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Lip

It is very effective

Our Easter Picture

I know! I know! What is happening to me? One picture for the entire holiday? I did take Easter pictures but that was 2 weeks later so does that count? More importantly I did capture the one tradition we have at Easter Time. We always put flour in front of the door to 'catch' the Easter Bunny's foot prints when he walks through the door. Fun - yes. Teaches the kids the true meaning of Easter - No...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Pet Peive

OK - so I just discovered something that totally bugs me! When people look at me and complain that their husbands are working a lot (You can complain about that - just don't do this) and then say to me, "your husband works a lot, but at least your making the big bucks!) Ahhhhhhhh.
When your husband works his 20 required shifts every month, goes to his 9 required days of classes every month. Moon lites another 10-20 hours a week (because the big bucks we make actually qualify us for welfare - really we could head down to the office and walk away richer today) when you have to pay $1000-$2000 a month in student loans and periodically have to come up with another $1000 to renew medical license and DEA licence and such, when your husband has done it for the last 8 years (and not just had a rough 60 hour week) then you can look at me and jokingly talk about the big bucks we make. Until then don't say things like that because, you are going to bug me!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ya know in the movies where the person dies and goes to heaven and their whole life is replayed for them to watch?

I was driving home tonight and busted out laughing because that thought went through my mind and honestly if I had to watch that part of my life replay the 1/2 mile drive that felt like 897 miles, with 1 baby crying, 1 toddler crying, one 4-year old fake-crying, one 6-year old trying to 'sing a lullaby' louder than the crying, and one 10-year old moaning in pain (her 'stomach hurt') - I might turn around and walk right back out of heaven. The real question is why oh why did I have that thought? Maybe I just thought I had died and was living in ... and that was my karmic punishment for not living a better life here on earth...hmmmmmm

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mommy Tip # 497,256,729

Side note: Craig read an article in one of his medical magazines comparing over-the-counter cough medicine, honey, and nothing. The stats stated that honey was the most effective way to control a cough in children.

Anna (my little hypochondriac) was complaining one night of stuffy nose, cough, blah, blah, blah. She has a whole list of complaints at bedtime. I am usually very creative in the medicine I give her - she has had teaspoons of water, lemon juice, soy sauce... she has used A&D, diaper rash cream, Vaseline, smelly lotion, not-smelly lotion... Whatever to make her sleep (you think I should just put my foot down - uh no. Really the better solution is creativity.) Well, after Craig shared that article with me I have to admit - Honey is the best solution. She requested 'that same medicine tonight' because it was so effective in eliminating her symptoms. Can't wait to try it with a real cough!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Be Smart Don't Start

This is what an up-all-night-10 year-old slumber party will do to you.
This was taken at 2:30 pm on the way home. She was so tired getting out of the car that she had to 'sit down on the steps' for minute before she could make it into the house. It is now 9:00 pm and though I have checked to make sure she is still breathing - she hasn't moved. I can't wait to use this one on prospective boyfriends!

Friday, April 17, 2009

We were driving down the street (conservative talk radio in the background) and Bekah says, 'I love the 1st amendment.'

Of course I say, 'did you just say you love the first amendment? Do you know what the 1st amendment is?'

"Yep - the right to free speech. I love it. I love that someone can talk about the president and not get his hand or something cut off."

Atta Girl!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Classic

...Blissful Silence...

Kaid: "When I die will you just bury me in the yard?" Pause. "In the grass."

Mom: "Sure"

Kaid says (super chipper), "thanks mom!"

What are moms for - if not for burying their young in the front yard...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Classic Kaid

So we were driving around - wondering our way home when Kaid tells me he has to go to the bathroom. I think for a minute. Knowing he gives me a whole 3 seconds warning at a time like this I decide that stopping at a gas station would be pointless - by the time I got all 3 kids out of the car he would have already gone and then I would have to deal with the mess in a public restroom. So I give him some advice, " squeeze your butt cheeks tight and try to keep the pooh in." A few quiet minutes pass as I am heading home.

Then Kaid tells me, "Mom they're fighting."

Me, "who's fighting?"

Kaid, "my butt and the poop."

Mom, "whose winning?"

Kaid, "I think the poop is going to win."

Good Times!

New Age Reading Strategies

We were doing a rhyming activity with Anna tonight. The clue. It rhythms with fit... She says, 'sh--'. We all bust out laughing! She looks at us bewildered, 'What?' Kudos to me - apparently I have never let it slip because she really had no idea the word existed. She thought it was a made-up word. On the other hand I will have to be more careful with the clues I give. Good Times!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Our Daddy can do ANYTHING! if he could just find the time...

Good News: Craig got off work an hour early tonight. Yahooo. Quality Bonding time!

Bad News: His car is breaking down. (an hour away)

Badder News: He's in the hood. (I mean white boys don't survive down there.)

Badderer News: He has to be at work at 8 am (an hour away) in the morning.

Baddererer News: He works until 9 pm tomorrow night.

Badderererer News: He has to be back at a class the next morning at 7:30 am (an hour away).

Baddererererer News: He won't get off work until 10 pm that night either.

Frustrating News: It's something he can easily fix if he and an auto zone could just hook up!(cause Craig can do anything - he did change my alternator on the side of the road in the middle of Kansas once and delivered 2 of our 5 babies)

Good News: The car is paid for. (That's why we keep it around).

(Mostley I'm just passing time until he gets home. we ended up towing it to the house. Tow truck drivers don't seem to worry to much about staying on schedule. They also seem to have a warped sense of time. For example - "I'll be there in 20-30 minutes " translates into "I'll be there in 60-90 minutes."

Lesson Learned: Take a coat with you when you go to work and live in ohio - it could come in handy.

Classic Bekah

She wanders out at 12:30am and says, 'I just can't get to sleep! Can I sleep somewhere else?' Ummm, sure you can sleep wherever - but you have been asleep for about 3 hours already.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Karate Tournament

Anna and Kaid have been taking Karate since Christmas. They just had their first tournament. Kaid was pulling some very 'creative' moves - unfortunately they were also illegal. Anna flew under the radar as usual and surprised everyone when she placed 2nd. She also brought her team in 2nd place for the balance game (she earned the most points for her team!)

You can't tell how excited Anna was to win the 'big trophy' In all of her pictures she simply looks tortured. She finally let her excitment show when we were eating celebration ice cream.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Classic Anna

When Anna goes to karate she checks in and the computer shows how many more classes she has until she is eligible to test for her next belt. As she was getting closer to getting her yellow belt she started resisting going - Coming up with all sorts of excuses to not go. I finally weaseled out of her that she was nervous about changing classes. So the next day we went and I showed her that she had 10 more classes before she could get her yellow belt. She looks at me and says all relieved, 'OK. I won't worry about it for 9 more classes.'

What do socks and shooters have in common?

Hmm I seem to be on a riddle thing - anyway. My car! When ever I clean out the car I seem to find a plethora of both...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Milk $1.99 / Gallon

Quinn is resourceful!