Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

At what point does it become cooler for a boy to dress up like a girl, and a girl to dress like a prostitute? Just philisophical questions (as the middle school kids from the neighborhood come trick or treating...)

Personally, I haven't dressed up since 6th grade, but since I was in charge (ok - took charge) of the trunk or treat at church I felt like I needed to dress up. And Craig was post call... just kidding - a mad scientist! You should have seen the trunk he decorated... he won the prize for creepiest!

Quinn the Fire Breathing Dragon!

Lexsie the cha-cha girl. (Who never stood still!)

Batman - and those boots absolutley did not come from the girl section (of our too small, waiting for the next child to grown into them box). They totally came from the batman section of the store!
The 'I want a crown that looks like real diamonds not those fake, cheap things,' Queen Anna ~ of course, could she be anything less? Notice she also managed to find some bling for the neck -` nothing to cheap looking!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Socks and Shoes

How is it that the simple act of getting 4 sets of socks and shoe's on your kids can bring an experienced, hardened mother to tears! Is it the wiggly toes? the readjusting the socks when they are on? the tackling to get them to sit down in the first place? or maybe the melt down over the wrong color? or possibly, just possibly the thing that throws the hardened, experienced mother over the edge... the fact that when they get to school after a 5 minute drive, they are all off again!