Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break

We started out our lovely week with a trip to pick up Bekah from the airport, and then racing across town to be at the 3 littles Gymnastic meet (only for it to be postponed and hour  -ugh!)
Lexsie's princess crown.

Despite Quinn's look on his face (he was trying to look tough) they were all excited for the meet.
So excited, that I turned around and Quinn was doing push ups to 'get in shape and be ready'

After working the night shift, Craig assumed the sleeping position...
I just think it's funny to torture Bekah with weird pictures of herself on my blog
Anna LOVED every minute of being the doting, supportive sister!

Then the family spent a very nice week in Port Aransas.

Hermit Crabs were the souveneir of choice.  Which led nicely into a science unit on Hermit Crabs.

King of the hill...

The progression of a cart wheel

Lexsie running from something imaginary.
Anna being silly!
And yes, it was cold enough to wear a jacket!  I was the only smart one in the bunch!  The rest were simply crazy!

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